April 1st already???

April 1, 2009
Yesterday I was back to the dentist again to get the stitches out and to find out that the reason I'm still in pain is because it's still infected and I need more meds.  Will this ever get better?

Trying to work on some more crafts again, and hopefully pull out some Easter decorations.  I know at this point, what is the point... but I'll probably get some things out since Easter will be here at our house.  Plus I need to come up with the riddles or clues that we are going to use for the kids hunt this year.

In previous years I've done riddles like...

the first clue read:  You scraped your knee you said "boo hoo" Where the band-aids are you'll find clue #2

Then they opened the envelope and read the next clue which took them to Shawn's basket.  Clue two: Lets begin with an easy clue to start you on your way the genie from Aladdin comes out of a _______.  They found this one in the family room near the lamp.

Clue three: The next clue is near now on this I'd like to bet because if they stay here much longer they're liable to get wet - which was in the shower

As for April fools day, I've never been one to pull a April fools prank, though I've known many people who can do it, and do it well!  Like Trish who came up with this prank for her husband!  Cracks me up!

I've noticed these guys working every day on my way to work.  This is one job I don't think I could ever do!   But it always amazes me when I drive by to see them up there working and how tiny they look next to the water tower.


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