Another candy bar poem

August 26, 2010

So the other day I mentioned about my dentist having a party to celebrate 35 years in the practice. I couldn't go there empty handed.  


 So I wrote this poem...

Dr Al, or should I refer to you as OLD FAITHFUL?  Because that’s what you’ve been to me for 31 years.  And yet, how could you be celebrating 35 years in the practice unless you started when you were 12?

In those 31 years it seems I’ve had every WHATCHAMACALLIT done to my teeth that has been available.  Some teeth you had to take a BIG HUNK out of just to save them and others I bet were like digging in a GOLD MINE!  But no matter the RIESEN you always were there to fix the latest dental SHOCKERS I brought your way.  I remember a SOUR PATCH when it seemed like a SPREE that I was there every week, basically every PAYDAY I spent at the dentist office!

Then I started bringing my own children in to see you.  Your office hours were GOOD AND PLENTY and the GOOBERS couldn’t wait to get finished so they could check out the treasure chest and see what TWIX you had for them to play with. And while the kids didn’t have the WHOPPER cavities like I had, my daughter has the most beautiful smile  and my son will once he gets his braces off!

LOOK… Dr Al, you have been a LIFESAVER to our entire family, even if there were times we left looking like a LEMONHEAD we still appreciated everything you did for us.

Big smiles, hugs and kisses from the Zarlenga Family

And I heard his favorite is dark chocolate, so I added plenty of that too!



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