Amazing family and friends...

July 26, 2009

Awesome weekend!

I left the house on Friday with the camper packed in anticipation of a fun weekend with family and friends.  I got that and a whole bunch more!

I truly am so lucky for the family and friends that I have.  They pulled off the ultimate surprise by planning a surprise party for Joel and my 25th wedding anniversary during a camp out weekend that we had planned back in February!

My sister, did so much!!!  And she really should start her own party planning/catering service for everything she did was not only perfect, but themed to the camping weekend.  We had barely talked this week, and I was beginning to wonder why?  I can just imagine the stress she was under trying to pull this all off...


And Lisa.... Oh my gosh Lisa!  If you know Lisa you already know what an amazing person she is to everyone she meets, but just imagine being her friend for 30 years, then you are truly blessed!

Then of course my mother in law and all the other family and friends who all worked together to pull this whole thing off!  

Thank you all!

Here are just a few of the pictures from a surprise camping weekend...






oh the story behind this picture!





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