All about me - letter S

November 6, 2007

1.  I hate SPIDERS!  I can't spot them from a mile away and alert the nearest person (usually Zach) to come and get rid of them!

2.  The dog got his name SHAGGY because of my brother.  My brother Joe had two dogs, one is a Springer Spaniel named Ziggy(which my mom is taking care of now).  This dog is amazing - we all love him.  So after my brother Joe passed away and we were getting a dog - we got a Springer because of him and his well trained dog Ziggy.  So when we were trying to figure out names we started thinking of cartoons.  When we came to Scooby and Shaggy we knew that was it because the last Halloween party that we had had my brother came dressed as Shaggy!  It was perfect!

3.  SPUNKY our cat is so appropriately named.  We got her in 1999 and still today she is just as spunky.  She was named from the cartoon Rocko's modern life.

4.   I've been with the same rep for State Farm insurance company since I was a kid - my parents started with them

5.  I loved the show STUDIO 60 - I can't believe it got cancelled!

6.  I love SOCKS!  I know, a silly thing to love - but I love having my feet comfortable and to be comfortable I must be wearing socks.

7.  I grew up and my brothers grew up and even Ryan grew up watching SESAME STREET.  I can still sing some of the songs (which makes  my family think I'm crazy)  Oh I love trash... anything dirty or dingy or dusty

8.  My daughter Chelsea is a SENIOR this year



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