All about me - letter Q

November 4, 2007

Well I thought the letter Q was going to be tougher than it was... now its X that worries me :)


1.  I am not QUICK at anything?  My brother Joe and I were never known for our speed.  Now Deb and Rob can get a lot done in a little amount of time?  How's that happen?

2.  QUANTITY - it seems what ever I'm into I have a large quantity of scrapbook supplies, jeans, magazines, theres A LOT! 

3.  QUOTES - I love to look up and find unique quotes to use in my scrapbooks and in everyday life 

4.  QUALITY - If your going to do something... do it right. 

5.  Again myself and my brother Joe are the QUIET ones of the 4 siblings -EDITED TO ADD - Quiet until you get to know me!


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