All about me - letter M

October 31, 2007

1.  I do like Mondays!

2.  Love Matchbox 20 - it seems every song on every CD is always great! And Rob Thomas is just too cute!

3. I'm a MAGAZINE junkie - I get way too many magazines (especially scrapbook related!) 

4.  I love getting the MAIL

5.  My mother looks amazing for her age!


6.  I was in David Copperfield's MAGIC show

7.  I've been MARRIED 23 years

8.  Would prefer MUSTARD over ketchup

9.  I am a mother of 3 (Ryan 12/7/87 - 2/23/93 would be 20 this year :(, Chelsea 17, Zach 13)

10.  I just saved MONEY switching to Geico (okay not really, but I wanted 10 answers today)


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