All about me - letter E

October 23, 2007

1.  I can't eat Eggs I get horribly sick

2.  The Evolution of Dance will always make me laugh

3.  I check my EMAIL every morning with my coffee and cereal


5.  Love watching the movie ELF at Christmas time


Had a quiet night last night and I like that!  It seems the last week or two has been non stop busy!  Every time I looked at the calendar there was something else to plan for or work towards.  This weeks calendar is blank and I like that! 

Watched Dancing with the stars and the Bachelor last night.  While neither of these shows are on my list of favorites... if I happen to be sitting near a tv and they are on I will watch and enjoy!

I think I was getting used to an Indians game every night and sad that they are over.  But yet what an awesome season they had!  One of the best that I've watched! It seems any time the season is going good I think of my dad.   The year they had won the division (I thought 1996 or 1997 since my dad died in 98) he and my mom went downtown at midnight to buy shirts - it was so funny when he called to tell me where they were going because we would call each other after every win cheering!

Tomorrow Zach has no school so he told me this morning today is like Friday and tomorrow will be like Sunday since he will be going back to school on Thursday.  Not sure what we have planned for the day yet???

New York City - Looks like I have the opportunity to go back to NYC with Chelsea on a school trip in May!  How awesome would that be!  She just got the packet today and she talked to the teacher about me being a chaperone... WE BOTH LOVE NEW YORK!


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