Air Force Half marathon

September 18, 2012

Race number 8, for those who are counting...


It was one of my favorite races last year, and one that I had done my best time on. So for this year, expectations were high and as usual, the Air Force came through!


While there were a few bumps along the way, including a .25 mile mix up in going the wrong direction, I still ended the race with a PR.  My goal was 2:10 or under and I signed up with a 2:00 pace team, but by mile 7, found I couldn't keep up with the pace and started falling back. At another point I had taken out my stinger chews and couldn't get my phone/ipod back in my pouch to save my life... knowing I was losing time fiddling with it, I had to stop to get organized.  And yet even with these two mishaps I still ended up with a 2:08:40 PR for the half!

Friday night I attended the pasta dinner, and while I went alone, I met some friendly runners as well as listened to some awesome speakers and enjoyed plenty of pasta and desserts to fuel a runner. The pasta dinner included passes to the Air Force Museum which I made my way through after dinner.

Once returning to my room, I called down for a wake up call, as well as set my phone alarm.  I woke up promptly to the phone alarm, but never did receive my wake up call from the Holiday Inn front desk? Thank goodness I didn't just rely on them, and funny thing was, I had a feeling I wouldn't get the wake up call?

I arrived at the start in plenty of time to see the Air Force B2 Stealth bomber do a flyby - which was awesome! As well as these guys dropping in on us!


The race itself seemed a bit tougher this year than last and I'm not sure if that falls with my training, injuries or if the course had changed? But overall I still enjoyed it and will definitely do again!

Jill and I before race







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