A year of cleaning

January 9, 2016

 A year of cleaning, one room at a time

In an effort to clean out and prepare for upcoming changes I decided to break my year into rooms to work on. Approximately 30 days to a room, spending whatever time is available to declutter and clear out. Each month I have chosen to declutter one room. Throughout the month I will push for change in this concentrated area.

  •  January – Basement/Scraproom

This room needs some attention and my goal is to downsize my supplies while creating a more serene room I long to go to. Chaos overwhelms the space right now and with the right cleaning and organizing I can create a space of comfort and joy.

  • February – Kitchen

This room does not require as much attention and therefore I assigned it the shortest month of the year. Taking time to address each cabinet and drawer (including junk drawer) and its contents, I will declutter what no longer serves us, is useful or has expired, while also deep cleaning floors, walls and cabinets

  •  March – Family Room

This room needs some decluttering and walls washed, once completed I will look into replacing carpeting and possibly furniture for this room

  •  April – Bathrooms & Closets

Cleaning out cabinets, removing old towels, scrubbing tiles, walls and grout.

  •  May – garage

If we have not used it, we don’t need it. Getting rid of all the unnecessary paint and bottles, games and useless items that seem to end up in the garage. Clearing shelves and racks

  •  June – Master bedroom

Go through both closets and all drawers and get rid of things that no longer bring you joy or serve you. Fill separate box with keepsakes and mementos from around the house

  •  July – laundry area/basement

Donate clothing and items in laundry baskets, clean off shelves and around floor. Put up table to sort and fold laundry. 

  • August – basement

Go through holiday boxes and bins and downsize items, keeping only those things that bring you joy. Once decluttered transfer to clear totes.

  •  September – basement storage

Continue going through holiday storage totes and old computers and get rid of all garbage. Down size the holiday décor and donate to hospice. Clear shelving and paperwork

  •  October -  December

Make more mindful decisions on purchases. Do no add items to household unless removing something else. As seasons change over, clear out décor, clothing and other items that relate to season and are no longer in use.


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  • January 9, 2016 @ 9:16 AM EST
    By Phyllis
    I hope Reading this will motivate me to do the same ::))

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