A Quiet house

July 25, 2008

Is this a preview of what its going to be like when Chelsea leaves for college?  The house is so quiet, even my phone hasn't rang at all today and I'm used to phone calls and texts throughout the day. 

Not so much today... since Chelsea is at her first weekend of band camp for Kent Color Guard.  The only conversation we've had today was via text messaging when they took a break for dinner. They are practicing until 11pm and then all day tomorrow and part of Sunday.  This is just the beginning and she's there until Sunday evening...

IMG_4147My mom went out of town today so I'm dog sitting.  Ziggy is his name and he'll be with us for the week.  I think Shaggy will think he's looking in the mirror, though Ziggy is a lot older than Shaggy is. Ziggy was my brother Joe's dog and it's sad to see how much he's aged, when its tough for him to get in and out of the car or even just up a couple of steps...

A couple weeks ago I purchased this hanging tomato plant at the farmer's market in Medina's square and had no idea how many cherry tomatoes it would be producing.  It's just enough for me, since I'm the only tomato lover in our house.


After cutting down the crab apple tree Joel moved my trellis for me.  Now I just need to start some new vines growing up it.


Since the graduation party I've been drained.  Here's to hoping I will find some energy and get a lot accomplished tomorrow???


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