A quest for bravery

May 23, 2021

Discovering peace and purpose - the bravery of being

A quest for bravery

As months of quarantine restrictions diminish, I begin again on a quest for bravery. That leap of faith when you are unsure of the outcome but go for it anyway. Where possibility from small brave decisions can lead you in a new direction. They say fear filled choices always build our confidence, even if things do not go as planned. And while these choices are easily expressed, following through with the daring can be challenging. When I look back at the brave decisions in my life, I mingle with the memories of an earlier day when my fears carried a test I needed to see through. 

It was the winter of 2006, when a group of friends began organizing a summer trip to New York City. I had dreamed of visiting the city one day but with the many years since my last flight, I dreaded the thought. Each month we’d gather at a local coffee shop to discuss our itinerary, from Broadway plays to famous landmarks, this idea was becoming real. 

Mixing with both enthusiasm and trepidation I silently contemplated the trip in my head, when abruptly I was tugged from my reverie as a conversation with my sister-in-law began with her teasing banter. I thought she was reading my mind when she blurted, “Oh, I’m sure you will have a reason you are unable to go.”

Initially, I flushed with annoyance, but as the words sank in, I recognized the truth behind them. I had become that person who retreats in fear. Who says I am going then relinquishes with apologies? I reddened with realization as I rummaged for an excuse. Digging deeper, her words exposed the hesitation nagging me and I recalled the many opportunities I had eluded. 

The conversation illuminated the ways I chose comfort to avoid my fear. Fueled with the bravery to make a change, I secured my flight to New York City. And although making the decision to go did not erase the fear I held for so long. I chose to replace my fear with curiosity and dared for something new. What began as a strategy to prove my sister-in-law wrong, grew into a lesson I needed to hear? 

A few months later when we touched down in New York City, I stood proud because of how far I had come. Even though fear still simmers when I am about to tackle something new, I look back to the satisfaction that arrives when I choose bravery and step out in the world again.


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