A new normal awaits

April 19, 2020

The happiness in your life depends on the quality of your thoughts

Today I need to get back to it, back to some sort of schedule, a balance to my day. This attempt to plan each hour with activity and rest, creativity and quiet. A distraction of time that provides a fast to the worry that silently awaits my attention.

After a restless night I wake with a new determination. One that I plan to use as a guide to mark the hours in each day. As I pencil in the plans, my day begins to unfold, a new normal awaits.

  • Television off by 8AM
  • A cup of coffee and an hour to read and escape
  • A timer to chime the hour; move my body (jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, plank,10 min walk, then rest again)
  • A peaceful place to meditate 
  • Getting lost in creative play; paint or craft
  • Search recipe books for new ones to try and gather ingredients
  • Bake some cookies to share
  • Drop off flowers on a friend’s porch

It is time to fill my mind with possibility and joy, getting lost in the flow of being me in a time when nothing feels normal. Our lives are different right now and as time passes, we discover new ways to adapt. This is where we uncover our strengths; our actions that help direct our mindset.

I begin to frequent a local cash and carry flower shop; the honor system of payment provides a no contact transaction. The beauty and aroma as I step into the shed unleashes a new attitude. The cost is minimal, and the reward is great, as I scatter my purchases on the doorsteps of the unsuspecting.

A plan is all we need to make each day better. The plan to bake cookies tomorrow or step outside for a walk. Set a time, set an intention and watch your attitude bloom in a new direction. Discover the comfort in what we already have and spread the joy with small acts of kindness. Small steps will change your attitude and the focus of each day.

Turn off the news and turn on some music. Dig out some paints or your favorite pen. Write a story or solve a puzzle, enjoy the blooms of spring and discover a new calm in grace.


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  • April 19, 2020 @ 9:39 AM EDT
    By Rhea Tantlinger
    Beautiful Tina....God bless you real Big....Hugs

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