A new list for Sunday

November 4, 2007

So far that extra hour is working in my favor!  Getting lots done and its still early in the day!

1.  Continue working on projects

2.  Clean house (put away Halloween decorations)

     a.  clean bathroom - wash floor

     b.  wash kitchen floor

     c.  re arrange dinning room

     d.  dust (family room, dinning room, kitchen)

3.  Clean outdoors (Halloween decorations and plants)

4.  Finish burning CD's (done!)

5.  figure out albums to be engraved

6.  plan some pages for crop weekend

7.  write out some bills

8.  Finish one of those books (almost done with both 2nd chance and A year without made in China)

9.  Have Joel bring down winter clothes

10.  Finish girlfriend books


Chel and Ben going to the Browns game today.  While Ben is an avid fan, Chelsea doesn't know the first thing about football - but they have fun!


Joel is working at Ridge and we are crossing our fingers that this will be his/our last weekend working out there for a while!  It has been since the one tenant moved out in July 2006 we have been at that property just about every weekend.  One family moved in and within 8 months time destroyed brand new carpet in two rooms. 

We haven't known what its like to read the paper on Sunday or go to breakfast as a family in over 1 year!  Hope we can begin these things again soon!


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