A goal without a plan is just a wish

August 29, 2015

I love the quiet of the mornings...

With coffee in hand I find a quiet place and listen. Exploring the peaceful daybreak I observe the familiar sounds echoing throughout the house. The furnace quiets and the house creaks in its absence, nature awakens around me with the promise of dawns approach, birds already busy singing sweet songs of hope.

I am refreshed by the blaze of orange bursting through the open chasm of the blinds, exposing all the possibility a new day brings. The promise of abundant freedom fills my spirit, supporting the path to my dreams. It is within these moments that I unravel my thoughts and align my spirit.

As the days drift by I remain committed to taking positive steps to illuminate the direction of my dreams, sensing the need to embrace each one on my journey to authentic living. 

Wandering from my artistic path leaves my soul betrayed, and the cadence of creativity sours. Staying present helps purge the negative chatter from my mind as I discover a climate of peace. 

Inspiration resurfaced, with the opportunity to hear Rudy Giuliani speak. What resonated most were his convictions in writing our goals; he believes the greatest factor in achieving a goal is to list them.

Sharing his evolving drafts prompted him to take the necessary steps to move forward in his own life. From the small goals of reading, to the larger life changing goals, he accomplished more by reminding himself through lists where he wanted to be.

Our written goals help us clearly define the intentions we need to examine.

Fixed in a rut of sameness, with dreams I did nothing to reach, I knew it was crucial to begin. Inspired by both his speech and goals I began my own list. 

My return to college was the first step in listing my goals, facing my fears and retracing my purpose. Pursuing the courses needed flamed the nourishment to advance, with each goal challenging me further.

Change does not happen over night, but when nothing is done to move in the course of our dreams, another year will slip by unnoticed.

My soul was enriched as I excelled in class, introducing an undiscovered harmony in confidence and pride, while fostering the path of growth and authentication. A new world began to unravel before me, a course of change that occurred once I began embracing my dreams.

Once written, our goals become the reality necessary for change, we can record our path in discovery and decide the direction we need to take. Starting with small steps to organize our daily lives, to the changes we wish to see, our lists evolve with us. 

Using life lessons as stepping-stones instead of walls reminded me there is no age variance to hold me back. Many people change careers, even start new ones later in life, and I resolved to say yes to myself more often. 

Focusing on our dreams, exacting short-term goals help to reach the long-term target. The list helps us recognize the power and flow required, and taking the first step can be revolutionary.

What goals do you want to reach? List the steps and begin with one, you never know where it will lead you...


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