A day of fun

January 19, 2014

Usually our outings have to do with doctor appointments, hair appointments or second opinions...

So last Thursday we had a day together! We needed a day of just fun girl stuff, which has to include lunch and shopping. With Archivers closing soon, I knew I wanted to get her  there!

The good... for the entire time Deb had us laughing and seemed to enjoy our stops in Archivers and Michaels. Talking about ideas she has for crafts and details on Kim's upcoming Valentine party. She was a great help with my mom when we went to Olive Garden. My mom couldn't figure out what to order and I was impressed with Deb as she showed my mom a few things on the menu that she would like, it worked. She joked about eating her "vegetabeatles" and had us all cracking up!


Sometimes we need to redirect her thoughts...  still needing reminders of where the kids or Gordon are, or that there are no other plans upcoming. I wonder sometimes if that's not because she was always so busy before the tumor? 


The bad... or tough part is that neither her nor my mom understand the others "brain injury", so my mom is easily offended by the things Deb says and Deb is easily frustrated because she doesn't understand why my mom doesn't come to see her, or won't do things for herself. I try to explain to each of them when we are alone of the others injuries, but they are obviously forgotten.

Deb and chel

Thank goodness Chelsea had the day off work and was able to join us. Not only does she help with both of them, but is a good distraction to get Deb on a new subject. 

I enjoy spending time with Deb laughing and seeing her smile. Noticing the milestones along the way as she progresses, yet still mourning the loss of many things that haven't returned yet. We take pictures and try and capture the memories that we hope to one day share with her as she begins to understand more of the present and isn't stuck in the past.



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