A beautiful Poem written by my aunt

November 7, 2007

In memory of my cousin Michael we lost this year. His 49th birthday was on November 7th

Making Amends

It’s such a dark grief, a long dark
tunnel of sadness, how did you
get through your grief, dear sister?

New born baby, then Daddy,
A 5 years old grandson, our Mother,
a husband barely 50 and
a son only 38 and just engaged - why?
Why do our males die so young?
Each day I drive past the oceans edge
where my son slipped quietly away.

How do I heal that dark
place in my heart that
re-lives that last precious
moment of his life?

Grief overtakes me like a
watch-dog waiting to
pounce when in innocence
my mind ponders a
crumpled grocery list.

What would he want?
Would desperate
heart-break and tears,
sleepless nights and foggy
days be his legacy,

I go to the ocean to heal, that’s
what he always did. Tears fall, my
heart breaks like rocks deep in the
ocean, I make amends
with the cold artic waters
that took him.

-joyce huston
October 12 - November 6, 2007


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