6 changes

December 31, 2009

Resolutions, habits or changing things.   They say for a new habit to form you need to repeat it 

You can read more about 6 changes here and figure out your 6 things.

Here are my six of which I plan to implement one at a time by focusing strongly on one of the changes.

  1. Work out and running - I want to continue this habit of running and exercising.  I have a goal of 500 miles in the year to achieve and LOVE the feeling I get after I accomplish each new goal I set in running! 
  2. Reading - I love reading and make time to read every night, but I would like to change the "computer" habit at least one day a week into a reading habit.
  3. De cluttering - We have talked about moving... not soon but in the distant future and when I look around this house I think - are you kidding me!  So I need to continue to de clutter, if something new comes in, something else has to go out.
  4. Debt reduction - This goal is something I feel really strongly about and I plan to implement a strategy on this before any other goal.
  5. Creating more -  This year when Christmas came I hadn't created as much as I had in previous years and I want to change that by next Christmas by doing more throughout the year, not just at Christmas time.  Planning ahead for gifts with ideas and projects.
  6. Eating healthier - making better food choices is something I have been working on, especially when Chels is home! But it is something I want to be more of a daily habit.


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