53 Ways to celebrate Me - June

June 1, 2017

53 Ways to Celebrate Me

And so it begins...

Life is short, I know this all too well, my son had 5 years, my brother 37 and my father 53. Each day is precious, how do you want to celebrate the days of your life?

Beginning in June as I glide from 52 to 53 I will celebrate life and living, making choices and taking chances, noticing gifts, observing life, recognizing my power, celebrating me, being silly, loving the days, savoring the nights, scattering kindness and reaching for all my dreams...

  1. A picnic lunch with a friend
  2. A bike ride
  3. Renew a relationship you lost touch with
  4. Buy yourself some flowers
  5. Spend the afternoon reading in the park
  6. Bake a peach cobbler 
  7. Schedule a facial
  8. Wine with a friend
  9. Buy a new bird feeder
  10. dinner with family
  11. date night with spouse
  12. Listen to a street musician
  13. See a Broadway show
  14. Spend the afternoon at the library
  15. Walk barefoot in the grass
  16. buy yourself a new robe
  17. Go on a hike with your camera
  18. Go get ice cream
  19. Sit outside and watch the sunrise
  20. Sit outside and watch the sunset
  21. Enjoy a vanilla cookie from Honey Bee Bakery
  22. Random act of kindness
  23. Go to a movie
  24. Morning run
  25. Dark chocolate
  26. sign up for a new class
  27. Search for constellations
  28. A new journal
  29. Night swimming
  30. Don't make the bed
  31. open the windows and enjoy the breeze
  32. learn a new language
  33. Go downtown
  34. Singing in the car
  35. Visit a museum
  36. Paint with watercolor
  37. Purchase new running shoes
  38. Release balloons with notes
  39. plant flowers
  40. Go to a local beach
  41. Run with a friend
  42. Creative day with art
  43. Enjoy morning coffee outdoors
  44. Dress up for night out
  45. Color in a coloring book
  46. go for a hike
  47. Relax and read a book
  48. Meditation
  49. take an online course
  50. Make a fresh start in a new journal
  51. purchase a new writing pen
  52. Overnight with girlfriends
  53. A new outfit


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  • June 1, 2017 @ 6:05 PM EDT
    By Rosemary Roscoe
    Beautiful Tina!

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