52 weeks of gratitude - A year long journey

October 16, 2017

It is time to put aside your Eeyore tendencies and find your inner Tigger. While optimism is both genetic and learned, it is something we can improve if practiced.

Join me on a year-long journey with gratitude leading the way and watch your attitude transform. Both, thinking positive and surrounding ourselves with positive people make gratitude infectious. Find your people and uncover gratitude...

  • Reframe your narrative - often we just need a little attitude adjustment to change the way we feel about something. When given the opportunity pay attention to the negative voice and try and reframe your thoughts.
  • Don't take things personally - Whether it is something we tried and failed at or the guy who cut us off on the highway when we remove the personal attack we can leave it behind us to try again.
  • Recount your successes - When things seem particularly difficult, remind yourself of the times you've made it through harder situations and let your self-talk encourage a positive attitude.
  • Support others - When we step outside our own situations in life and help others it allows us to see the bigger picture and often notice how "small" in the grand scheme our problems can be.
  • Taking breaks - Stepping away from a stressful situation for just a few minutes can allow us to return refreshed and ready to tackle. By meditating or taking a short walk we can recharge and concur an earlier challenge.
  • Step out of your comfort zone - In order to improve resilience, we need to challenge ourselves in other areas of life.

On Mondays, I will post an area of gratitude to work on which you could follow or choose to uncover your own space of gratitude. My plan is to divide the year into sections framing specific areas of life. So grab a notebook and join me as we unravel the gratitude that surrounds us and notice the gifts of every day.

  • January - Body/Self
  • February - Heart/Grief
  • March - Mind/Mindful
  • April - Awakenings/ New beginnings
  • May -  Family /Friends
  • June - Nature/Outdoors
  • July - Summer/Active
  • August - Compliment instead of complaint
  • September - Education/autumn
  • October - Motivation/Influence
  • November - Thankfulness
  • December - Kindness/Pay it forward



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  • December 7, 2020 @ 11:33 AM EST
    By Tina
    I just might complete the gratitude challenge again!
  • December 4, 2020 @ 10:53 AM EST
    By Audrey
    Would you do this again? 2021 sounds a perfect year to work on gratitude
  • November 21, 2018 @ 8:23 AM EST
    By Tina
    Hey Debbie I did this last year and a few years ago. This year I am doing 52 weeks of being me. Going to try and link here... https://www.unravelingmyheartthewriteway.com/blog/being-me-a-52-week-soul-searching-journey-15402
  • November 18, 2018 @ 10:58 AM EST
    By Debbie Kaisler
    Would really love to join. How do I sign up?
  • October 17, 2017 @ 2:58 PM EDT
    By Lee Currie
    Me! Me! Me! This sounds like just the project I need as I switch things up for next year :)
  • October 16, 2017 @ 8:11 AM EDT
    By Susan Becks
    I would love to try this. I am not sure if I can be totally consistent with my crazy schedule but since I naturally try to focus on positivity...I would love this❤️ How do I join?

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