52 weeks of grateful

February 25, 2014

Going to try and catch up with the 52 weeks of grateful I found out about while away in February. I found it on pinterests, all the hashtags caught my attention. But when I came home I looked deeper and found this blog   With a lot of things going on and my life moving in so many directions, it might be something I can try and bring me back to my space and help me find my grateful.

Week 1

List the words that touch your soul...

  • change
  • progress
  • husband
  • family
  • sisters
  • children
  • coffee
  • love
  • sweets
  • running
  • joy
  • giving
  • silence
  • happy
  • brothers
  • freedom
  • quiet
  • plan
  • seek
  • perserverance
  • overcome
  • believe
  • choice
  • hope
  • love
  • kindness
  • escape
  • transform
  • be


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