50 things to do

July 12, 2014

I began comprising  a list of 50 new things that I want to do, see, accomplish, eat or conquer during my 50th year, and have already gotten to cross a few off!

Isn't it funny how turning 50 lights a fire in you to start "really" living!

  1. Go up in a hot air balloon
  2. travel to a new destination
  3. spend time writing each morning
  4. give up social media (facebook, instagram) for 48 hrs
  5. random acts of kindness
  6. snow ski
  7. water ski
  8. visit put in bay    
  9. paddle boarding
  10. take a class
  11. get my passport
  12. meet a stranger
  13. try making a new dish
  14. eat a new food (lobster)
  15. begin writing a book
  16. yoga
  17. hike
  18. warrior dash
  19. destination half marathon
  20. get published in writing or art
  21. avoid victim mentality
  22. learn a new skill
  23. volunteer
  24. compliment a stranger
  25. join or start a book club
  26. learn something on Ehow
  27. complete an online course
  28. visit Ohio winery
  29. go on cruise
  30. see a live show (jimmy kimmel, jimmy fallon, etc)
  31. wine making
  32. submit to artful blogger
  33. create art journal
  34. read 50 books
  35. do 50 squats
  36. run a 7:30 mile
  37. get a photo published
  38. find those muscles in my arms
  39. snorkle -tried, water to choppy
  40. visit another country (Mexico)
  41. learn to knit
  42. renew vows
  43. interview a neighbor for writing
  44. forgive
  45. attend a wedding show
  46. plan an engagement party
  47. try a strawberry shot
  48. visit the Perry monument
  49. travel on Miller ferry
  50. write my memoir

It's not the things we do in life that wear us down, it's what we don't do.



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