42 Things in 2007

February 12, 2008

A while back I seen this on Ali's blog which then linked me to this blog. I thought I would attempt this list of things that happened over 2007 whether big or small they are things that happened throughout the year. 

The amount of things you put down are one less how old you are.  So the older you the more you need to be doing or at least noticing the things you are doing.

Needless to say this list took me a while to sit down and create... but I did it.  Let me know if you do it to?

  1. Went to the horse races and bet on the horses
  2. Went to Amish Country 
  3. Watched the sunset 
  4. Went for a walk in the park
  5. Sat around a campfire telling stories
  6. Witnessed tadpoles turning into frogs
  7. Watched an orangutan play hide and seek
  8. Went to a play
  9. Said good bye to a cousin
  10. Watched the dog go swimming
  11. A friend moved away
  12. Watched a demolition derby
  13. spent the day with a breast cancer survivor
  14. drove to Columbus
  15. had a pedicure and manicure at a birthday party
  16. attended a bonfire
  17. joined the Work in Progress design team
  18. 25 year high school reunion
  19. drove my son to school
  20. took a class in Michigan
  21. got snowed in
  22. Rode a bike
  23. fell off a bike
  24. went to a book signing
  25. had a Halloween party
  26. celebrated a birthday with friends
  27. went to the Nickleback/Daughtrey concert
  28. Had a root canal done
  29. went to a play
  30. went to a housewarming party
  31. two crop weekends away
  32. had a mammogram done
  33. took a spinning class
  34. worked at Treasured Friends
  35. went walking with my girlfriend Annette
  36. went to the dentist
  37. dinner at Heck's restaurant
  38. watched the Sopranos
  39. painted at All fired up
  40. went on a Longaberger bus trip
  41. went to a communion party
  42. went to a wine tasting at Main Street Cafe


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