31 strangers in 31 days

June 24, 2011


I read about this in my favorite magazine Artful blogger.  It is one of those magazines I read from cover to cover... it is that good!

The other morning I was only a few pages in when I got to reading Oh Joy's blog story and her post on meeting 31 strangers in 31 days grabbed my attention. I didn't get much further as I was heading out to get in my morning run, so out the door I went.

But the whole time running it kept nagging at me that this would be good for me in so many ways.  

  1. Push me out of my comfort zone
  2. work on my photography
  3. sharpen my journaling

And once I finished running a conversation was started with my first stranger.  It was an easy conversation and a life changing one too.  

The rules to my 31 strangers is really there are no rules.  I would like to do it in 31 days, but if that's not possible I'm okay with that.  If I meet more than one person in a day then that too is okay since not everyday am I going to be out in the world.  Oh Joy, where I got the idea from may have more rules if you are a rule follower.

My first stranger... her name is Linda and you can learn more about her as I begin my 31 strangers in 31 days.


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