31 Strangers

June 28, 2011

Meet Linda...


Stranger  #1

We met at Milts gym and hit it off immediately! We had so much in common our banter just flowed! Within minutes I felt comfortable talking with her. She was just getting back to putting herself first, after raising 4 children - her youngest 15.

We began our conversation with the usual chatter in a gym about exercise, weight loss and running. She used to be a runner and when she realized I had lost weight since running thought maybe she too could run again one day soon.

 She's a teacher also, and that conversation came up once I revealed that I was starting back to school.  She was thrilled and began asking questions about what I wanted to do, offered to give advice on my writing and wants me to share with her class about 31 day project so that she can use it for her theme in class this year.

I wanted to start posting my project and while we have seen each other a few times since our first meeting, she requests I catch her before her work out for a picture....

Oh Joy is where I got the idea of 31 strangers!  You can read more about her in this months Artful blogger, one of my favorite magazines!


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