3 hours there 5 hours back

December 2, 2007

Well we had a great time in Michigan.  It took us 3 hours to get there.  We met Linda at Scraptales and headed back to Lu & Carls for lunch.  After lunch we went over to Debbie's store where I had a gift certificate waiting for me to do some shopping.  Trish and Jen loved the store - I didn't think we wouldn't get them out of there! 

We got over to Scraptales just in time to look around for a couple minutes and the class started.  Awesome class, awesome samples - we had a blast!  It was pretty much down to business with getting all your cards ready and doing the stamping and unfortunately just not enough time to get everything done.  So hopefully today I will get more of it done to take some pictures and post.

We decided to end our day earlier than expected.  In fact after the class we grabbed something quick to eat and got on the road as a blizzard just hit Michigan and we had to drive for so long without even knowing where the lines were on the road.

Once we got to Ohio and the turnpike it was mostly rain (although freezing) - the roads stayed pretty wet and were better to drive on.  We decided to stop and refuel with coffee before going on. 

At one point we missed our exit and I had to call Joel to get us back on the highway - meanwhile still battling this storm!  Yuck!

Well here's a couple pictures from my day...



My new purse I got at Kohl's before leaving - I love it!





The snowmen at Debbie's store in Michigan




Linda and Carol from Michigan who took the class with us.


6%20class_thumb_1.jpg 7%20class_1.jpg

Mine and Deb's cards from the class


My frozen car at the Turnpike rest stop where Trish and Jen were in search of Advent calendars at Starbucks


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