2nd half for 2012

March 14, 2012

Got to run another great race in South Carolina this past weekend.  The weather was perfect, the course was a challenge and I got to run with Chelsea, at least for a little while!

Columbia half 5

I heard it said recently "there is no such thing as bad weather for a race, just poor clothing choices" and I must agree... though I am still learning what is the proper choice, and found with this race Chelsea and I had opposite choices and they both worked out perfectly for us.

I wore my long sleeve lululemon shirt while Chelsea opted for the lululemon tank top. At the start of the race we were both cold, and I sure was happy with my choice, but around mile 7 or 8, I did start to feel a bit warm and tried to push my sleeves up a bit.  Then nearing the end of the race there was a cool breeze and I was thankful again for my choice of clothing.  Chelsea on the other hand said once she got running she too was thrilled with her choice.  So you never can tell what the perfect running outfit will be, it just needs to be perfect for you! 


Chelsea wanted a jumping picture and since I finished before her I was awaiting her arrival at the finish.  As she was approaching I began screaming JUMP over and over again.... and while I was so busy screaming it, I forgot to take the picture myself!  Good thing the photographers there got some good shots!  I love the girls faces behind her, and yes, I had quite a few people looking at me screaming at her, but in the end it all worked out!  Then I find out she had her ipod on, so she didn't even hear me screaming, just everyone around did!

Columbia half2

Again I wore my Chicaband and ifitness belt and they both worked perfectly for me!  Chelsea on the other hand used my other ifitness belt and had issues with it the entire race.... next time I will have to see if it needs tightening or adjusting, because I just can't express how great mine has always been?

The hills in this race were extremely challenging, even more than Williamsburg, and while the city was beautiful and we went through many gorgeous neighborhoods, the park setting in Williamsburg was breathtaking.

Even though I forgot my garmin, I was impressed with how well I stayed on pace, especially with all the hills.  My final time 2:18:03

Williamsburg         2:17:52

Columbia               2:18:03



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