12 pictures on the 12th

November 12, 2007

Well I'm going to try this - along with a photo a day in December.  Here's today's pictures.

10_thumb_1.jpg1primitivedecor_thumb.jpg 3_thumb1.jpg  4_thumb1.jpg 6_thumb1.jpg   









 9_thumb1.jpg 12_thumb_1.jpg8_thumb3.jpg 2dinningroompic_thumb1.jpg

12 Random pictures from today - 1.  Zach playing his game 2. A fall decoration I bought on Ebay last year 3.  view of recently moved cabinet in dinning room 4. another view in dinning room 5.  Star I made the other day with my Work in Progress kit (since the star at Christmas is what I do for Ryan - 5 points to star - his age), I think I may try and make these for his ornament I give to all the family this year. 6. Precious moments boy my mom buys me one every year - this was the year my dad died, so it was Ryan and Grandpa 7.  Shaggy dog 8.  Sudoku book I keep in my purse 9.  beginning of book for Journal your Christmas journal 10. Shag again 11. Lunch today for Joel and I  12. dinning room picture


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